Myths Connected With Diabetes

Myths Connected With DiabetesMyth 1: Diabetics are not able to eat chocolate and cakes.
It is not true. In case such people have a healthy nutrition and enough of physical activity, they can allow themselves from time to time something sweet.

Myth 2: This disease may be given in direct contact. It is not so at all! Diabetes is not an infection. This problem is connected with heredity and outer factors.

Myth 3: People who eat a lot of sugar will get diabetes.
This is not true. Sugar itself cannot lead to this illness. Though, people suffering from obesity belong to the group of risk. Moreover, it is recommended to keep to a healthy nutrition and go in for sport if someone in your family had diabetes.

Myth 4: Diabetics cannot eat many products that contain starch (for example pasta and potatoes).
But on the contrary, such foods are considered to be necessary in a healthy menu. The only thing you should control is the size of portion. Another rule is to combine starchy products with other foods for the better result.

Myth 5: Diabetics can eat only diabetic products.
No, these people eat the same products: vegetables, meat, bread and sometimes candies. The difference is in portions and amount of fats and sugar. The so-called diabetic foods usually also have sugar and cost very much.

Myth 6: Diabetics have worse immune system.
No, this is not right. Diabetes has no connection with cold or flu. The fact is that flu, for example make the levels of glucose in blood higher, so doctors recommend diabetics to make injections.

Myth 7: Eat more fruit if you have diabetes.
Sure, fruit are also necessary for healthy nutrition, but mind their amounts and the sorts you eat. Always discuss it with the dietitian in order to be sure.

Myth 8: Insulin is harmful while it leads to obesity.
It’s also one more myth, because the researchers proved that insulin is very useful and the benefit darkens all the drawbacks.

Myth 9: Insulin can lead to atherosclerosis and cause abnormal pressure.
It’s false. The point is that insulin may sometimes have influence on the conditions that resemble atherosclerosis. Still these things are quite different.

Myth 10: It is not necessary to keep to a special diet when A1C is bigger than eight %.
Anyway, if you have problems with sugar levels, no matter on what stage, then you should consult the doctor and change your lifestyle in a way. Start controlling your weight and the amount of sugar.